Our family company makes every piece of furniture at our workshop in Falcon Mill, Bolton.
We will listen carefully to your ideas and use our expertise to optimise the project's potential and your investment.

We have years of experience, technical skill and creative flair, and we are passionate about our work!

Design Director & Customer Care Sally

Director / Technical Guru Sean

Side Kick & Dust Monkey Buster

Cabinet maker / Tea boy Adam

Global Kitchens create bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces that are functional, beautiful and excellent value for money.

Global Kitchens have established an exceptional reputation, where superb quality, innovation and impeccable customer service are second to none. We have more than thirty years experience of building high quality bespoke cabinetry. Most of our projects are either commissioned by repeat clients, or originate from their recommendation of our services to friends and family.

When we talk about bespoke, we mean producing a truly personal product that is tailored to suit the individual needs and aspirations of each client or project. Because we design, build and install your furniture ourselves, our process is more seamless and organic, and decisions can be made at a progressive, yet unhurried, pace.

It is important to emphasise that bespoke does not mean expensive. In it's simplest form it means we always build your furniture to order, so adjustments to cabinet layouts and depths can be made without fuss or additional expense. Of course we are also specialists in producing totally unique and non-standard furniture; angled units, complex feature displays and more.

We have a workshop but no retail showroom. We do not outsource work nor use middle-men who take commission. As our overheads are lower, we are able to provide exceptional value for money.

We understand that you will put a great deal of trust in whoever undertakes your project. Global Kitchens are people you can rely on absolutely to optimise your investment. We will listen carefully to your ideas, use our expertise to create a design concept that is functional and beautiful, install it with care and skill, and completely surpass your expectations.

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