Kitchen - Heaton Nadia & Rob

We had worked previously with our clients, undertaking major projects as part of an extensive house renovation.

They had inherited a kitchen that was fairly new but lacked prestige, and consequently seemed out of place in their lovely home.

It was important to achieve a high end look but at the same time, be mindful of overall budget constraints.

Some units had been very badly fitted, and the lack of symmetry either side of the oven meant that standard sized units and doors had been chopped around and shoehorned into an unusual space. Simply put they were not fit for purpose.

The existing granite worktops were expensive and of good quality. Their unusual shape complemented the available space so we decided to retain them.

The worktops were carefully removed and repolished, and the we set to work evaluating and improving the aesthetics and functionality of the kitchen.

Some units were unstable or damaged, and others were simply poorly designed. We retained where possible and built new units where necessary to improve the layout.

The wall units were built from scratch in bespoke sizes so they looked balanced either side of the recently installed extractor. We complemented them with new standard sized aluminium glazed frames and subtle accent lighting.

The contrast of a cupboard to the left of the oven and drawer unit to the right made the hob run look unbalanced. We replaced the cupboard with a made-to-measure drawer unit, to create symmetry that was far more visually appealing The under-counter fridge was relocated and corner units were reworked to give the kitchen a better flow.

Because so many of the doors and drawers were non-standard sizes, we suggested having them made to measure in a contemporary super-matt vinyl j-pull; still a premium product, but more cost effective than bespoke painted doors.

We cladded the peninsular to create an inviting breakfast bar, added a bespoke glass splashback along the hob run and carefully replaced the restored worktops, which looked amazing.