Kitchen - Prestbury Mandy & Mark

We had worked with our clients on projects at their previous properties. When they moved into their new home, they commissioned us to design a working kitchen and a large entertaining kitchen/living area that opened into their garden. Although our clients intended to live in the house, they had purchased it as an investment, and the design needed to have a wider appeal.

We started with a completely blank canvas but had a clear idea of our clients’ taste and lifestyle. We have delivered similar projects in the area and understand what prospective home-owners are looking for. We carried out site visits during the day and at night to get a clear idea of how the room looked at different times.

The living space was challenging; larger than normal with super-high ceilings and bi-fold doors along a full wall. The extension is accessed from the formal living area, which is on a higher level, so the entertaining space needed to look fabulous from above and have sufficient interest and depth to draw the eye through the space, towards the garden beyond. The amount of natural light gave the space a very different ambience during the day and at night, so great care was needed to ensure the design looked great in natural and artificial lighting.

We created a symmetrical design that is centrally framed from the elevated viewing point. There are two main focal points; a ‘floating’ island that acts as a transition from the higher viewing area to ground level, and an attractive hob area. Bespoke burnished brass accents provide continuity and carry the eye over the room.

We built bespoke non-standard sized units, providing extra depth in the tall units and around the hob. We constructed the island upon a hidden box plinth with built-in lighting to give it a ‘floating’ effect. Although the doors were ‘off the shelf’, we suggested and commissioned the bespoke metallic accent doors to achieve a ‘luxe’ high end look.