Bedroom - Barrow Bridge Tanith

Our client lives in a quaint waterside cottage, complete with wonky walls, floors and ceilings. She asked us to create a run of floor to ceiling storage with very precise internal layouts.

The cottage is beautifully and subtly decorated in shades of white It was important that the wardrobes didn’t overpower the room, but enhanced the overall ambience of the house. As the house has very uneven floorboards, we advised against a timber door, which would have been susceptible to twisting, and instead suggested a more stable bespoke MDF door, custom-painted in a perfect shade of white.

We spent a lot of time at design-stage, experimenting with the door dimensions to ensure the shaker frame was perfectly balanced. The same precision approach was taken to installation. Our wardrobes are set on box plinths, which ensure optimum stability and plumbness. The plinth and ceiling fillers are then precisely scribed to the contours of the room. A painstaking process for the room in question, but the end result made the effort worthwhile!